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Pohara Beach

Swimming with dolphins was canceled yesterday, too windy :/ We’ll have to try again on one of our last days here. Long drive yesterday through the mountains, seemed like the start to a horror movie-  Starts getting dark, the your in the clouds/heavy fog, winding narrow roads, then you finally get to the bottom and...

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New Zealand

 A real vacation!! SOO excited to be back here. After coming here for our ‘real’ honeymoon we said we had to come back, thinking that it probably wouldn’t happen, or at least not for a long time. Last year I decided to make a goal with my business, and if I reached it I would...

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Chandra & Kevin

Perfect day for a winter session…except for the non-existent snow. Not complaining though, warm enough to just have a sweater on The winter carnival was still going on and they wanted photos with the pretty lights in the background, so we went to rice park in downtown St. Paul, also walked around the J.J Hill...

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Reyer kid session

First, can I say CUTE!!!! The older of the two was loving being in front of the camera! Every shot a new pose, the younger girl on the other hand, was not liking it, the fun of photographing kids that know they can get in trouble One of the challenges, but like every other session, I...

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….my job.

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